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Template for individuals
Node label
Node description
Template for families
Node label
Node description
KeywordsList of allowed keywords to be used in the templates. The first two characters within a template define the identifier for a tag and the format part, e.g. @&.
TagFormatExample given identifier @&
GivenNameposition list of given names, "." for abbreviation@GivenName&1,2,3.@
BirthDate, DeathDate, MarriageDatePHP date format specification@DeathDate&%j.%n.%Y@
BirthPlace, DeathPlace, MarriagePlacelist of positions, exclusion followed after /@DeathPlace&2,3/USA@
Marriageany string@Marriage&oo@
FactXXXXposition in the ordered fact list@FactOCCU&1,2,-1@
Box styleMaleFemaleUnknown sexFamily
Fill colorFill colorFill colorFill color
Border colorBorder colorBorder colorBorder color
Box widthBox widthBox widthSymbol width/height
Border widthBorder widthBorder widthBorder width
Font sizeFont sizeFont sizeFont size
Default portrait
Line width of edge